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5 Confidence Builders for Leaders

Confidence is a critical factor in high performers, and in high performing teams. It goes without saying that if you are a leader… you will have followers.  The size and scope of your leadership role will to some extent be … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Harvey McMillan Blog.  We’ve created this space to have conversation with you about Leadership topics, emergent thinking, and Harvey McMillan’s views on that complex arena called Leadership, or more accurately the art of Leading. Leadership is a … Continue reading

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Why ‘sheep-dipping’ doesn’t produce world class leaders…

In a crisis leaders emerge.  Whether a leader is the appointed leader or an emergent leader, true leaders, and by definition successful leaders, have some shared characteristics. Given the cost of Leadership Development, it is important to know that as … Continue reading

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Have the courage to face the truth

There is a saying that someone I know said a couple of years ago and it is one I find myself either thinking or saying with some regularity.  “You can’t read the label when you’re inside the jar!”  How true … Continue reading

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Have the courage to say ‘No’

Leadership is about many things.  One of the critical skills of leadership is learning how and when to say ‘No’.  This operates at many levels and includes sometimes saying ‘no’ in order to say a greater ‘Yes!’. Saying No is … Continue reading

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Where does leadership development begin?

Over the next week or so, our blog will be focussing on the leadership journey.  It is our view that as soon as you begin to think about leadership development, it is necessary to establish where the development is starting … Continue reading

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